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WorkPro Financial Suite

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


Workpro, is a fully fledged database, from Customers and right into the Financial environment and takes into account most of the tools that other databases can do. i.e. Payment / receipt management, aged analysis etc

WorkPro Module Outline

The WorkPro database suite consists of the base WorkPro module which manages;

• your customer base

• enables you to create Quotes or Orders

• converts an existing quote to an invoice ( or create a once off invoice )

• Enables you to build and use your inventory tables

• Administer your invoice payments with use of a fully fledged receipting module

• Enables one to issue necessary credit notes

• Comprehensive reporting options, find and search criteria etc

• Work with Multi currencies

The following Modules are offered if you wish to expand your existing base;

• Suppliers (add a new dimension to the database i.e. ordering of goods )

• Security (enables one to secure the database suite for user access )

• Tasks (assign tasks to employees from any table within the database suite )

• Mass eMailing ( mass emailing and marketing campaigns for your customers/Suppliers)

• Integration ( customers, quotes to invoicing from peripheral devices (Syncing) ) iPhone and iPad  

Book a demo with us and we will surprise you how easy it can be!!

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