Today's business professionals demand flexible solutions for their information management challenges. The FileMaker product family delivers that flexibility and a wealth of solutions designed to meet your business needs—from the desktop, to workgroups, to the Web. If you have a business problem, we have a solution.

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Filemaker 18 Platform

FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server

FileMaker 18 Platform Annual User purchase includes:

• FileMaker Server: host your custom apps on up to 3 servers

• FileMaker Pro Advanced: for Windows or Mac

• FileMaker Go: for iPad and iPhone devices

• FileMaker WebDirect: for use with a web browser

• Data API: see Additional Information below

Windows | Mac

FileMaker 18 Platform                                                                                                    

Create custom apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.


FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced


What is it: FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced is a unified tool to create custom apps for your unique business. Manage contacts, inventory, projects, and more.

NOTE: FileMaker Pro Advanced has replaced FileMaker Pro.

Who uses it: Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. Anyone can create a custom app — even those without extensive development experience or IT skills.

What is it used for: To create, manage, and share information with your team.

  • Create custom apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

  • Run your apps on Windows and Mac computers.

  • Get more advanced development tools to design and deploy custom apps faster.

  • Use robust diagnostic capabilities, powerful monitoring tools, and more.


FileMaker Go 18

What is it: FileMaker Go 18 runs custom apps on iPad and iPhone. Available on the App Store.

Who uses it: Anyone who wants to easily share information with their team while on the go.

What is it used for: To accomplish a variety of mobile tasks such as checking inventory in the warehouse, creating invoices during client visits, performing inspections onsite, and more.

FileMaker Server 18

What is it: FileMaker Server 18 is fast, reliable server software used to securely host custom apps on-premise, at your own location. Includes FileMaker WebDirect, an innovative web technology that instantly runs your custom apps directly in a web browser.

Who uses it: People who want 24/7 availability and reliability, the ability to remotely manage apps with ease, and to save time by automating administrative tasks.

What is it used for: To securely share your custom apps in real time with groups of FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect users.

FileMaker Cloud 1.18


What is it: FileMaker Cloud provides secure, reliable access to your custom apps in the cloud. Includes FileMaker WebDirect.

Who uses it: People who want the simplicity and performance of the FileMaker Platform without having to deploy and maintain a server.

What is it used for: To easily share information with your team in the cloud.


FileMaker Pro Advanced

FileMaker Server 18 is available only as an electronic download. It includes product software and a link to an electronic license certificate that contains a license key needed for installation.

System requirements

Windows Server 2016 Data center Edition and Standard Edition (with Desktop Experience)

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition with Update (see Microsoft KB 2919355)

macOS Mojave 10.14

macOS High Sierra 10.13

*Version stated is the minimum requirement. FileMaker Server may work with later operating systems certified by FileMaker, Inc. Operating systems not listed in the table above may also work but have not been tested and are not supported.

Hardware requirements

A dedicated computer is recommended for FileMaker Server.

Minimum Requirements

CPU: Dual Core
Hard Drive: 100 GB or more, dependent on file size, requires minimum of 50 GB of free space. Solid State Drive (SSD) recommended.

Operating system drive requirements

FileMaker Server uses the operating system drive to provide temporary storage for progressive downloading, uploading and downloading apps, log files, and cache storage used by components such as the Web Server.

To maintain an optimal operating environment, FileMaker Server requires 100 GB or more of available storage on the operating system drive even if apps are hosted on or backed up to another drive. The server administrator must monitor the operating system drive to make sure that enough storage is available.

FileMaker WebDirect

Supported languages

Worldwide English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese

Supported web browsers

FileMaker WebDirect is accessible from a web browser. Supported web browsers include:

Desktop browsers

Mobile browsers

Safari 12.x minimum

Mobile Safari on iOS 12.x minimum

Chrome 73 minimum

Chrome 73 minimum on Android 7.x minimum

Internet Explorer 11.x

Microsoft Edge 44

Mobile hardware requirements*


Supported devices

iPads ((12.9", 11", and 10.5")/9.7/Air/mini 4,5)

iPhones (XS/XS Max/XR/X/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/


Mobile network requirements

Network connection with consistent signal strength and connectivity is required.

Supported mobile networks




Recommended hardware configurations

Network connection with consistent signal strength and connectivity is required.

Number of FileMaker WebDirect clients

Recommended FileMaker Server configuration


Single-machine deployment.


Multiple-machine deployment, each worker serves a maximum of 100 FileMaker WebDirect clients.

*Connections may be limited by hardware, app design, operating system, or license agreement.


FileMaker Server can host up to 125 FileMaker Pro Advanced files.

User License

A user license allows clients — including FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect — to connect to FileMaker Server. Users can be purchased through FileMaker Server Admin Console or on the FileMaker Store. Learn more about FileMaker User Licensing.

Networking - client requirements

FileMaker Pro Advanced

FileMaker Pro Advanced client requires a software license.