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Our New Commodities and Trading Application

This database is a Trading of Commodities application;

- facilitates the drawing up of potential orders from local customers and the sourcing of the

production/manufacture and purchase of those orders from other countries, where the local ability is

not available or not existing.

- The commodity can be any item anyone needs to source, from clothing to textiles to minerals etc

- Once the order has been drawn up, you can send the potential supplier a written enquiry to make sure that all criteria are met for a acceptance confirmation.

Once confirmed, will result in a purchase order, and packing clearance sheet, Pro Form invoices etc

For customs purposes, a commercial invoice is automatically generated. Any manual payments can be generated towards the purchase or manufacture of the goods.

The system is multi-currency, but works mainly in Local ZAR, USD and Chinese Yen

The application is net-workable, facilitates as many user licenses as needed for a full staff compliment, consisting of buyers, operations, financial personel. The system also integrates the transaction flow to the purchasing customer where a fully functional Financial trading system is used.

i.e Quoting, Invoicing, Inventory for finished goods, Receipt management, statements and reporting (aged analysis etc)

This Customer application will also facilitate the sale and transaction flow of locally sourced items where

import is not necessary.

The system comprises modules such as Customers, Suppliers, Buying, Operations , Import & Finance etc. The application boasts full security functionality (External as well as internal), help screens et

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