January 1, 2020

Contact & Quoting, Invoicing - Cellphone, iPad to PC/Mac Application

Fully functional Quoting application for iPhone 7/8 or iPads with integration into your consolidated database on your local workstation application. Quote and email your customers on the fly, send correspondence on the go. Upload your quotes to your workstation and automatically convert to Invoice. Functionality: Quoting, Invoicing, Customers, Inventory, Receipt management, Statements, currency conversion, reporting etc.:

Visitor / iPad to PC/Mac Application


Fully functional Visitor application for iPads with integration into your consolidated database on your local workstation application or server. Can be used in any reception based scenario where visitors notify company staff that they have arrived (staff alert via sms/email ) and are waiting in the reception area. Possible installations could be; Visitor areas in any company Hospital entry points for incoming patients (Including applications) Hotel or ho...

January 1, 2020

Do you need a POS  ?

WPPos, is a fully fledged point of sale database, which has two distinct options of use.

- WPPOS can be used as a module on its own

- WPPOS can be linked to the fully fledged Financial WorkPro database

WorkPro POS database suite consists of the base POS module which comprises;

  • Teller Access and Point of Sale interface

  • Administration access Menu

    • Point of Sale List View

    • Teller Login

    • Gift Vouchers

    • Administration Reports

    • Inventory Setup

    • Etc

January 1, 2020

Do you need a Financial database ????  (Runtime Demo upon request)

The PersonaQ Management System consists of the base PersonaQ module which manages Individuals.

This database is a people’s module that plugs into the industry application for individuals within your specific sector. This specific one is for Communities in general.

This module has the following functionality;

- Next of Kin

- Memorials tracking/Yartzeids etc

- Events

- Fundraising/Raffles/Donations

- Solicitors

Other sectors currently available are;

- Community (individual is a ‘member’)

- Medical (individual is a ‘patient’)

- Recuitment (individual is a ‘candidate’)

January 1, 2020

Our client is one of the only exclusive freight agents that facilitate the international movement and distribution of more than 2500 shipments annually. The exportation of products are often restricted and regulated by conservation bodies.

Their primary concern is the implementation of forwarding and clearing methods to ensure conformity and safe relocation of shipments from origin to final destination, by air and sea freight.

This database works around an online custom document system, whereby freight documentation and the inherent data is captured to fully administer the shipping of these products, between Shipper, Consignee etc The managing of Air Waybills and their ultimate merging and consolidation of the many differing shipments between, either Straight , House , or even back-to-back Waybills,  not to mention exchange rates, currency conversions etc, makes this a solution, not for the faint hearted. It was a very interesting database to write, the client wouldn’t look elsewhere.

January 1, 2020


WorkPro is a fully fledged financial module catering for most business needs.

From Product to Service based. Call Ancorp for a demo.

January 1, 2020

Florist: ( can be used in different sectors )

Application for a florist in terms of production flow.

1 - First, render a client quote/ send quote directly to client (Screen signature enabled)

2 - Mark as scheduled WorkOrder - email the order to client

3 - When work finalised, mark as 'Checked out'

4 - Invoice functionality from app, or send to WorkPro

5- Add inventory detail, pricing and images

More to come!

April 6, 2016

When our client, a medium sized estate agent, needed to manage the sale of their property portfolio, they too, turned toward Filemaker Pro. This system enables the user to effectively manage a contact easily though the system, ie linking sellers with buyer interests and keeping a direct communication through automated emailing techniques and letter writing.


The buyer would receive an email, with attachments, containing full description and images of the property concerned. The process monitors the transaction flow ie contact dates, and document flow dates for each entity and records this via the buyer’s or seller’s record register.:

April 6, 2016

Noiseclipper Input, control and distribution of custom made hearing protectors, in-ear monitors. Used for miners at Impala Platinum Mines. Input of their data and administration of fitments and maintenance of devices. PC/Mac Application/iPad integration.


More to come!


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