June 1, 2020

This database is a Trading of Commodities application;

- facilitates the drawing up of potential orders from local customers and the sourcing of the

production/manufacture and purchase of those orders from other countries, where the local ability is

not available or not existing.

- The commodity can be any item anyone needs to source, from clothing to textiles to minerals etc

- Once the order has been drawn up, you can send the potential supplier a written enquiry to make sure that all criteria are met for a acceptance confirmation.

Once confirmed, will result in a purchase order, and packing clearance sheet, Pro Form invoices etc

For customs purposes, a commercial invoice is automatically generated. Any manual payments can be generated towards the purchase or manufacture of the goods.

The system is multi-currency, but works mainly in Local ZAR, USD and Chinese Yen

The application is net-workable, facilitates as many user licenses as needed for a full staff compliment, consisting of buyers, ope...

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